To facilitate Healing through engagement in meaningful Occupations, creating a sense of Personal growth through awareness, and Empowering individuals and groups to trust and harness their own healing powers within.

The HOPE Approach

Healing ~ As human beings, we are constantly in a state of healing. Research shows that the means of healing is unique to all individuals however there is one thing that unites us. And that is we all have the ability within our bodies, minds, and spirits to heal ourselves. I use my intuition and professional skills to faciliate this process.


Occupation ~ Our engagement in meaningful roles, rituals, and routines influences our health and well-being on a daily basis. As an occupational therapist, the interventions or “therapy” I use to assist in the healing process involves engagement in these daily acitvities. This inludes self care, work, play and hobbies. I partner with you to problem solve, practice, and implement healing routines into your daily life.


Personal Growth ~ Through the use of powerful questions, mind-body exercises, and life skills training, I will guide you on a journey of self awareness and clarity. Defining your path, barriers, and sucesses can provide a platform for personal transformation in all areas of your life.


Empowerment ~ Healing begins with YOU. I believe you are the expert in your own life. I beleive you have the inner resources you need to move through change, transition, and illness. I beleive in YOU. My training in Motivational Interviewing, Life Coaching, and Yoga heavily influence my therapuetic approach. My role is to empower you to to heal.

Through the creation of Healing Routines in our everyday lives, we have the potential to live our best lives. 

What you seek is seeking you.
— Rumi