What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is the therapeutic use of daily and meaningful "occupations" of self care, work, leisure and play. Occupational Therapists work with people across the lifespan and in many settings. As a profession we use Occupational Science to guide our practice framework. The theoretical models I work from are the PEOP, which evaluates and treats in the context of the person, environment, occupation, and peformance. I also work heavily from the Model of Human Occupation, which is guided by factors of intrinsic motivation, volition, habits and roles. Occupational therapy is client-centered and person first, meaning you as the individual are respected as a whole being, rather than treated for a specific symptom, ailment, injury, or illlness.

How can OT help me?

As a HOLISTIC Occupational Therapist, I work with the physical , mental, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual elements of a person in the context of their daily roles, routines, and environment. I specialize in Mind Body and Lifestyle Medicine interventions for persons with with chronic conditions such as pain, anxiety, depression, and migraines. When working with groups, I provide education and interventions regarding stress management, self regulation, and resiliency. Occupational therapy can help you identify your health and healing related goals, problem solve barriers, and develop solutions for everyday living.

Resources for potential clients and referring providers:

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What interventions are offered?

Individual Life Skills Training

  • Breathework & Relaxation Techniques

  • HeartMath HRV, Coherence Training, and Biofeedback for Self Regulation

  • Self Care & Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

  • Coping with Change & Grief

  • Postural Restoration & Ergonomics

  • Individual Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile & Sensory Diet

  • Lifestyle Balance, Time Management, & Pacing Strategies

  • Individualized Stress Management Techniques

How much does it cost?

Occupational Therapy is covered service under most major insurance plans with a physician's prior authorization. I am currently accepting private pay for my services. I am not allowed to provide Occupational Therapy services as a private cash payment for persons with Medicare. You are allowed to use your HSA for Occupational Therapy services with a prior authorization from your PCP and with medical necessity and I can provide you with the paperwork to get reimbursed through your insurance provider for my services.

Please contact your insurance company for details on your plan coverage. Please contact me for payment options.

UPDATE : I am now credentialed to bill with Medicare. I will be credientialed with MA and most private insurances by 2020.


For Referrals & Providers

Please contact me for more information about my services. I specialize working with adolescents and adults who are experiencing chronic pain, chronic disease, mental illness, migraine, or any stress-related conditions.



For free 20 minute consultation:

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