A healing routine. 


My Story….

Maybe you are searching among branches for what only appears in the roots.
— Rumi

We, as humans, are in a constant state of healing. Healing from the past. Healing from trauma or loss. Healing from injury or illness. Healing from the daily stressors of our lives. Healing from the pains of the world and a broken heart. Sometimes, we might even require healing from the healing process itself. That’s a lot of healing.

It is also a lot of opportunity for growth, reflection, and connection. Opportunity to shed what no longer serves and be curious to what lies ahead. That’s a whole lot of opportunity for LIVING. It is in our daily lives, the simplest of routines, that we influence our healing journey. How do you start you day? What do you do with those moments of “free time”? Do your habits promote healing and well-being? Or are you stuck in a hamster wheel of overwhelm?

Oh, Overwhelm! An old friend I know too well. That feeling of flight, fight, or freeze. That auto-pilot of “I know this isn’t good for me but I just need to get through the day.” Overwhelm comes to me as a constant knot in the stomach, indicating that something is not in balance but I just can’t seem to pause for long enough to figure it out. It keeps it’s presence through a familiar cycle of sleep deprivation, caffeine, fatique and lack of exercise, sugar cravings and poor digestion. Then there comes the joint pain, inflammation, migraines, and anxiety. My body’s way of saying “Ok, I’ve had enough! Would you just stop, breathe, and rest already?” Overwhelm pairs nicely with my other old friend - isolation. The lack of connecting with those you love becuase you only have enough energy to survive (and keep your small children alive until you spouse gets home).

Am I speaking your language? Does this remind you of anyone you know?

Thriving is for instafamous health freaks and paleo bloggers, I began to think. Yet I found myself channeling my insomnia into the external searching for solutions. The constant google search “what’s wrong with me.” The next “fad” diet, cookie cutter health program, and self help book. “The cure must be out there somewhere! I can’t be the only one that feels this way. What do they know that I don’t? I’m a graduate level health care provider, yoga teacher, and life coach for crying outloud!” I forgot to mention that self doubt also shows up to this pitty party.

And then one day, I allowed myself the opportunity to pause, reflect, and BREATHE. I took my yoga mat out to a quiet spot by a stream and a tree. And I layed down on that mat and stared at the sky through the branches in the tree. And I asked the heavens, “just tell me what I need to do.” And God, who has sense of humor and knows that laughter really is the best medicine, sent me a daddy long legged spider. Because the universe knows I really REALLY (dis)like spiders. He crawled from the branches to the trunk, to the base of the tree, and right onto my damn yoga mat. I kindly told him this Savasana was meant for ONE and gently brushed him off onto the roots of the tree. The roots that traveled underneath my yoga mat. The roots that were supporting me was I lay there looking for the answers “out there.” That little/big spider had a message for me. He was leading me right to the roots. The roots that had been there all along. I simply needed a reminder to look within.

The thing is, once I finally rose out of the brain fog of overwhelm, I became acutely aware that the world all around me was still deep in it. The lack of commitment, self care, and connection is in fact, quite overwhelming!

And yet, the research shows us time and time again what we already knew deep down. To heal is to start living again. To cook, to garden, to walk, to create, to breathe, to play, to laugh, to connect with others in a meaningful way. What if the means to the “cure” was actually the “cure” itself? What if, everything we need to heal is already inside of us? What if we got back to the basics, and healed our present moment routines, in order to heal our future? And what if, when we returned to our true selves, we were a reminder to those around us that they posess the same innate healing powers themselves?

And so it is that Healing Routines was born. It was a long gestation, and quite an uncertain birth. But here I am. Earthside and well, practicing the art of living, and on my way to thriving. I’ve been given the gift of reflection and awareness. I’ve been preparing for this with years of life lessons, education, and clinical experience. My healing practice is one of intuition and evidence based expertise. And I’m honored to have the opportunity to be your guide for creating healthy, happy, and healing routines.

You see, you already have everything you need within you for this journey of life, and I believe in you. I see your light shinning behind whatever clouds your journey. My role as a healer is not to heal you, but to help you remember and find the key that unlocks your healing resources. For you my friend, are beautifully made to LIVE.

Namaste ~